The One leads the Korean industry with years of know-how and specialized technology,
It becomes the center of Korean industries.


Consists of professional research personnel, All-in-One system from Research/Plan to Mass Production
  • Research/Plan
  • Electronic Design
  • Structure Design
  • Mass Production
Lab Research Scope
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Design/Requirement Decision through Research/Plan
  • Establishing Specification & Development Plan
  • Feasibility-Analysis & Assessment through Simulation
Electronic Design
  • Developing cutting-edge Electronic Control Sys (H/W, S/W)
  • Developing Application Control Sys based on ICT
  • Circuit-Design/Parts-Selection based on Functional Structure Design (artwork, PCB)
  • Developing Equipment & Various Control Sys using Application Technology
Structure Design
  • Structure Design Review/Development considering Ergonomic/Mechanical Machanism
  • Functionally/Physically Optimized Design based on 2D/3D Advanced Design
  • Proto-typing/Production Review (Assessment/Design Revision)
Mass Production
  • Establishing Optimized Production Process
  • Establishing Mass Production Line
    (Productibility Improvement through Proto-typing/Testbeds
  • Producing/Processing Parts & Assembly/Manufacture (QC)