The One leads the Korean industry with years of know-how and specialized technology,
It becomes the center of Korean industries.

Power Electronics

Large Capacity Inverter

The One developed our own Large-capacity and High-efficiency inverters optimized for precise control of High-power output motors and installed them in submarines and are making efforts to advance into various industrial sectors (Ships, Automobiles) based on the original technology secured.

High-efficiency inverter for submarines

  • Max. Power : several MW
  • A structure capable of general operation (high reliability) within the allowed output range even in the event of a partial failure
  • Securing low-noise, high-efficiency characteristics below a specific standard
  • A special heat-resisting structure for thermal stability.
  • Application of aluminum frames and fire-resistant wires to prevent corrosion.

LBTS(Land Based Test Site)

For testing several MW electric submarine, a Large-capacity, high-efficiency inverter was built in Land Based Test Site (The same structure/size as the actual submarine)

300 to 700 kw Inverter for small and medium-sized ships

It applies an integrated inverter motor system optimized for small and medium-sized ships (10 to 40 tons) and implements a BMS (Battery Management System) with Propeller, battery (Lithium-ion battery). It also provides a Turn-key system for real-time monitoring and control of ship movements.

Weight[ton] Length[m] Width[m] max Speed[km/h] Output[HP]
27 15.54 4.65 26 / max31 2*725(533[Kw])
29 16.5 4.9 27 / max31 2*800(588[Kw])
36 17.5 5.05 26 / max31 2*900(660[Kw])
  • Propella
  • inverter integral motor
  • Li-on Battery and BMS
    (Battery Management System)
  • Monitoring and Control System

Inverter for 60 kw for ships

Multi-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor and small capacity(about 60[KW]) inverter for propulsion system, which comprise high-density and modular design.

Commercialization Technologies

  • Developed POSCON PSD System MCU (Motor Control Unit)
  • Developed PC Based Distributed Motor Control System
  • Developed AC Vector Drive Inverter 22[Kw] and Control System for Elevator
  • Developed Railway Auxiliary Power Unit 440[KVA] Controller on Seoul Metro Line 1