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Industry applications

AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle)

This system can automatically tow weights up to 1 ton at a time guided by wires diversing radio waves and by fixed position magnets and it use various application specific control technologies with smart self-driving system. Maximum weight can be increased up to 3 tons.


Remote control button operation enables front, rear, left and right direction control and speed change.A safety device is installed to avoid collisions and can stop within 1m with no load.

Category Standard Method Considerations
Autonomous driving Induced frequency : 1.5[khz]
Induced current : 200~300[mA]
E-guided method Induction line reclamation frequency generator
Passive driving Forward/rear/left/right directional control and speed change Remote control button operation -
Tow weight(Max) Max. 1.0 [ton] Front, Rear towing rod connection method Flat standard
Minimum turning radius 2.5[m] Front motor control Induction line reclamation Minimum Radius
Continuous driving time
Driving distance
Charging time
Load : 1,000[kg]
Speed : 2.5[km/h] continuous
Safety device Stop 1m ahead of the object Collapse stop Obstacle detection, stop, and then start automatically. Collision stop by rear-end sensor Ultrasonic sensor Bumper
Speed Low speed : 1.5[km/h]
Medium speed : [2.5km/h]
High speed : [5.2km/h]
- Auto mode
Speed control and location detection Speed control function for Specific location detection Detection method for burial magnetism Magnetic line reclamation

SSD (Memory) Test Equipment

WS(Work Station)-Class Test equipment analyzing reliability of SATA and PCI-e SSD

SSD Test Equipment

  • CPU : i7 5930k SR20R 3.5GHz,
  • Main Board: ASUS X299e-WS
  • Graphic CARD: GV-N210SL
  • RAM : DDR4 (PC2133 16G)

SSD Test Chamber

-Constant Temperature Chamber for SSD Test
-Low noise, compact size and user-friendly user interface

Temp. Chamber System
Temp. Range 0℃ to 100℃
Temp. Accuracy ±0.5℃
Temp. Controller Micro Processor based P.I.D Controller
Cooling Method Peltier device
User interface 4inch TFT LCD, Capacitive touch screen
Safety Device Over/ Under Temp. Protector, Electronic door lock
Input AC 220V 60Hz


- 4-Channel USB Relay HUB
- USB power short circuit reliability test

HUB Chip
USB Type Package Port RemarK
A Type B Type C-Type 2.0
USB5744 3.2 Gen1 56-pin
(7 x 7 mm)
4       Developed
USB7206 3.2 Gen2 100-pin
(12 x 12 mm)
5     1 Under
USB7216 3.2 Gen2 100-pin
(12 x 12 mm)
3   1 2 Next
USB7252 3.2 Gen2 100-pin
(12 x 12 mm)
1   2 1 Next