The One leads the Korean industry with years of know-how and specialized technology,
It becomes the center of Korean industries.


Enter various industrial fields based on original technology

Hyosung Heavy Industries Co.

Large Capacity Propulsion Motor Inverter
(Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co.)

Korea Electrotechnical
Research Institute

LBTS(Land Based Test Site) Inverter for
several MW Large capacity propulsion motor

Korea Electrotechnical
Research Institute

60KW Miniature Motor Test Inverter

Samsung Electronics Co.

SSD Test Equipment


Glass Scan Sensor (ADP)

Digital I/O Modules Compatible with Multiple I/O Terminal High-density connector models are available.
Dimensions of High-density connector model 222 x 115[㎟](W x H)
Bolt mounting

Selpa Korea

Unmanned cart controller, monitoring device

Samsung Electronics Co.

SSD(Solid State Device) Test Chamber

Samsung Electronics Co.

Reliability Test Equipment for USB Device


Motor & inverter development
of electric propulsion verification
system for ships