The One leads the Korean industry with years of know-how and specialized technology,
It becomes the center of Korean industries.

Personnel system

The One is practicing a fair and transparent personnel system to grow together.

Evaluation system

Based on individual departmental goal setting and management, we operate a reasonable and fair evaluation system.

Compensation system

Implementing a full annual salary system that determines salaries based on the performance and value of The One employees.

  • Annual salary
  • - Determining salary levels by reflecting future potential in the performance evaluation results of executives and employees
  • - Establishing a foothold for individuals to look back and grow through regular salary negotiations
  • Incentive
  • - Unprecedented performance-based bonuses that actively reflect management performance
  • - Differential compensation based on organizational and individual performance
  • Reward
  • - Payment of rewards according to the degree of contribution to corporate development
  • - Payment of rewards based on contribution to rationalization of management through various proposals
Training System

Based on the 'Employee Customized Training System', we operate a variety of educational programs and systems that contribute to improving individual capabilities and improving the performance of the organization, and we invest our money and time generously in employee training.

  • Common (basic) competency training
  • -Basic mind and knowledge training for The One employees
  • Job competency training
  • - Conduct job-tailored training for core competencies by position.
  • - Education for job performance and self-development