The One leads the Korean industry with years of know-how and specialized technology,
It becomes the center of Korean industries.



The One Inc. is moving to the world to realize its limitless possibilities.

Since its founding in 2010, the company has pioneered a growing future together as a global leader through constant challenges and self-innovation
based on management ideologies such as employee respect, customer respect and owner awareness.

With the belief that good people will gather and create good companies, we are actively coping with the new global era of digital community to develop new technologies for the development of high-tech industries.

In particular, the One provides optimized solutions and systems using various application control technologies based on the original technologies for power electronics (large-capacity inverter, motor precision control), industrial application control, Embedded Microprocessor technology, and network solutions (NMS).

In the future, our executives and employees will be with you on a great journey to becoming a first-rate company, and we will do our best to become a company that never loses its initial commitment and gives unlimited impression to our customers.